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Diploma Course In Spanish(B1-B2)

Intermediate Level (Diploma Course B1-B2)

Duration: - 6 Months

Course Fee:- INR 13,000 For B1 and INR 13,000 For B2 Level.

Course Content:-

Whole Spanish Grammar such as (Present, Past and Future Tense), All Imperatives (Positive and Negatives), Present subjunctives and Past subjunctives, Conditionals, Articles and Prepositions, Adjectives, Adverbs etc.

All kind of Spanish expressions, Practice of Spanish and Latin American accent, Translation Practices, Both English to Spanish and Spanish to English, Storytelling, Everyday speaking practices with new topics, Group Discussions and Presentation, Language Accent and Expressions, Industry knowledge and Where you can work after learning Spanish, Interpretation, Interview Training.

Good For:-

This course is beneficial to the ones who already know basic of Spanish language or have done certificate level and they want to learn more and complete the language grammar by joining this.

Exam Pattern:-

S. No. Programmes Marks
01. Grammar 100 marks
02. Written Expression 100 marks
03. Oral 100 marks
04. Listening 50 Marks
05. Class Performance 50 Marks

Exam Classes Format:- 3 hours classes on Saturday and Sunday